Vilas Park Engagement Session | Abbea & Parker

A perfect way to end the 2018 photography year was to spend the afternoon at Vilas Park with these two amazing people! Abbea and Parker were a ray sunshine on a dark, cloudy winter day. We knew there was forecast for “variable” precipitation, but we didn’t know it would literally happen across the board! It was incredibly cold and wet with sleet, flurries, rain, mist and wind. But they braved through it all for their engagement session.

I will be honest – I am somewhat hesitant to know what reactions I will get with my couples when it comes to bad weather, but these two were so relaxed and fun! Throughout the entire session Abbea was so excited for her photos in her smile … and Parker was incredibly patient and loving in the midst of a really yucky day! The love these two share and the way they blended during their engagement session is a small foreshadow to an amazing wedding day ahead.

I am so excited to share in their day and can’t wait to celebrate them in October 2019! Take a peak below to see these beauties.



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